The Grand Exit! Our favorite ideas to send-off the couple.

Whether it is the traditional throwing of the rice or something a little more dramatic like sparklers or fireworks, just make sure you have a clean-up crew on hand!  We’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas that are fun and unique.


We are seeing sparklers more and more and they seem to be surpassing rice as the traditional send-off.  We have found some fun ideas for this ‘flare’ idea and love the creative way of attaching a personalized matchbook to the sparkler and different shapes available.  From our friends at Beau-Coup, The Wedding Chicks and The Wedding Sparkler Store.

Ribbon Wands

What a soft and delicate way to celebrate and sendoff the happy couple.  What we like about the ribbon wands is that they can be super personalized with the couples name and wedding date on the ribbons.  Plus they are a fun favor for the guests!  Manette Gracie Events, Beau-Coup and Colin Cowie Weddings provide great ideas on how to use this lovely sendoff.

Pom Poms

Talk about fun and whimsical!  We think this is such a great new idea – we wish we would have had these at our weddings!  We found the below at Ruffled, Colin Cowie Weddings, and Go. Be. Do. Weddings.

So many fun ideas to celebrate the happy couple!

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